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Organizer Meeting

Sunday September 6th 


All Organizers are welcomed to this meeting! To RSVP please refer to the ARE discord server. 

September club meetings

Wednesday September 23rd - 6 PM PT

Sunday September 27th - 11 AM PT

More information about the MEETINGS can be found HERE

More information about the MEDIAS that will be discussed (trigger warnings, synopses, reflections, questions, etc.) can be found HERE


Speaker Event on Saturday September 19th, 11 AM PT. Come check it out!

Prof ARE2020.png

In his recent publication, “The Spectre of Race: How Discrimination Haunts Western Democracies,” Professor Michael Hanchard cracks the ideas behind the egalitarian characteristics of democracy that are often complicated by ethno-national groups, races, or religions that have proclaimed a right to rule, taking a classical approach to analyzing slavery. Professor Hanchard has dedicated his career to studying and conducting research in the area of comparative politics with an interest in themes encompassing nationalism, racism, xenophobia, and citizenship within contemporary political theory. His field work has led him to many corners of the world including Brazil, the United Kingdom, Cuba, Colombia, Ghana, Italy, and Jamaica. Additionally, Professor Hanchard has channeled his passion for political dynamics by serving as the Director of the Marginalized Populations Project at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Africana Studies. This project is a collaborative research initiative designed to explore political comparisons between populations with unequal, minimal or non-existent state protections and national governments. As of late, Professor Hanchard has been continuing his commendable work by serving as the Gustav C. Kuemmerle Professor of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. To learn more about the incredible journey that has led Professor Hanchard to receive awarded grants and fellowships from the MacArthur Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, bring a friend and join the ARE project for an interview on September 19th!



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All event recordings can be found on our Facebook page. >

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Saturday August 15th 


   The Equal Justice Initiative, founded in 1989 by Mr. Bryan Stevenson, runs on the foundations of understanding the legacies of our nation's history of racial and economic injustice in order to best fight the perils that plague modern day society. Their mission is comprised of three integral pillars: ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the U.S., challenging racial and economic justice, and protecting basic human rights of those who are vulnerable within the American society.


   The EJI has received numerous accolades for its noteworthy work within the justice system, including the Skoll Award for Social Reform and the Charity Navigator 4-star rating.


   The origins of this groundbreaking initiative are outlined in the critically-acclaimed novel Just Mercy, penned by Mr. Stevenson himself. This published account of the EJI’s work dives into the cruel practices surrounding mass incarceration in the U.S. and how they are reflective of a society that “favors the rich and guilty over the poor and innocent.” Speaking on behalf of the EJI and its work is Ms. Sofia McDonald, an EJI Law fellow and NYU Law graduate with an impressive background in legal work. Join us on August 15th for a presentation on the overview remarks of EJI, and be sure to check out Just Mercy for more information on the initiative’s remarkable history!


Currently, this event has been rescheduled to September. Come back later for more updates!


Daphne Brooks is a professor of African American and Theatre studies at Yale University. She got her PhD in English at UCLA, and has written numerous articles on race, gender, and music culture. She is also the co-founder and co-director of the Black Sound & Archive Working group, a 320 York Humanities Initiative at Yale. 

FEATURED: Professor Brooks is currently working on a triology, Subterranean Blues; Black Women Sound Modernity. This triology highlights Black women + music over the span of two and a half centuries. 

Read this article about "How #BlackLivesMatter Started a Musical Revolution"


Saturday June 20th 

3PM - 6PM PT


TYPE: Documentary

LA 92 has archival footage of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, where LA residents protested police brutality & the overextensive beatings of Rodney King. 

Hosted in collaboration with Generation Ratify

Instagram: @generationratify

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Podcast: Punchline! with hannahfloresthepoet

Instagram: @hannahfloresthepoet

YouTube: hannahfloresthepoet

Speaker Event on June 25th, 11 AM - 12 PM PDT. Come check it out!


-45 minute presentation

-15 minute slot for questions


Hannah Flores is a 17-year-old award-winning spoken word artist and filmmaker from Toronto Ontario Canada.  She has become a leader in her community and beyond through her advocacy for youth, equity and social justice.  Hannah has acquired international audiences and hopes to amplify marginalized voices wherever they present themselves.

FEATURED: One of Flores's short films "What Does History Sound Like" - where she turned a poem into a film. Recommended to watch before the presentation begins. 



LA Music

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Speaker Event & Open Discussion on July 6th from 11 AM - 12:30 PDT. Come check it out!

stevie dub.jpg

Stevie Dub is a hip hop artist and DJ based in Los Angeles, California where he started his music career. After coming out with his new album called “My Black Side”, he started gaining momentum through social media and his community. He is currently working on producing new music. He recently held an open discussion with his whole small-Wisconsion town where he grew up focused on how to initiate anti-black conversations. 

FEATURED: An article by VogueLa interviewing Duo about his music career from the obstacles he has had to face to what he is currently focused on. 


Speaker Event on July 16th, 11 AM - 12PM PDT. Come check it out!

Michele goodwin.jpg

Dr. Michele Goodwin is a Chancellor’s professor of law at University of California, Irvine and an elected member of the American Law Institute. She is also part of the faculty in Gender and Sexuality studies Department and Public Health program. Goodwin also works with stem cell research, bioethics, and reproductive law. She has won many awards such as the Be The Change award, she is also an award winning author. She currently works on addressing law, society, and health in her writings. This event will focus on law, civil liberties, worldwide health inequalities, and women's rights. 

FEATURED: Goodwin's book, "Policing the Womb: Invisible Women and the Criminalization of Motherhood". Buy it now on Amazon! 

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August club meetings

Wednesday August 19th - 6 PM PT

Sunday August 23rd - 11 AM PT

More information about the MEETINGS can be found HERE

More information about the MEDIAS that will be discussed (trigger warnings, synopses, reflections, questions, etc.) can be found HERE


Speaker Event on August 5th, 10 AM PT. Come check it out!

tiffany willough.jpg

   If you are interested in exploring the ties between these two ideologies, you won’t want to miss our event with Dr. Tiffany Willoughby-Herard on August 5th! A recipient of the Mae C. King Distinguished Paper Award on Women, Gender, and Black Politics, Dr. Willoughby-Herard is an Associate Professor of African American Studies at UC Irvine who has done notable research on comparative racial politics and feminist pedagogy. In addition to impressive research, Dr. Willoughby-Herard has authored Waste of a White Skin: The Carnegie Corporation and the Racial Logic of White Vulnerability, a ground-breaking book that examines the story of scientific Racism and coins the term "global whiteness."

Watch The Event:

Click to watch it in a separate tab!

FEATURED: The book, Waste of a White Skin: The Carnegie Corporation and the Racial Logic of White Vulnerability by Tiffany Willoughby- Herard

Organizer Meeting

Sunday August 2nd 


All Organizers are welcomed to this meeting! To RSVP please refer to the ARE discord server. 


June 17th 

1st Session - 11AM PT

2nd Session - 6 PM PT

Hosted by Clay Thornton, a rising senior from North Carolina, who was trained to be a dialogue facilitator by Essential Partners, an organization dedicated to building stronger communities through dialogue.


Thornton also attended the
Student Diversity Leadership Conference. The seminar will also be an opportunity to become a moderator for all ARE Project meetings.

Clay Thornton

A.R.E. Subleader of S.P.| Discourse Seminar

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Speaker Event on June 29th, 11 AM - 12PM PDT. Come check it out!

prof cogburn.jpg

Dr. Courtney D. Cogburn is an Associate Professor at Columbia University and an award-winning researcher. The goal of her research is to analyze how racism and discrimination cause severe stress in minority individuals, which leads to racial disparities in health and diseases.


Dr. Cogburn was recently the lead creator of 1000 Cut Journey, a virtual reality experience that has the viewer become Michael Sterling, a black man, and experience the racism that he faces, which premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. Outside of her research, she works tirelessly as an activist alongside multiple organizations in order to educate and bring awareness to social issues, such as racism, and health.

FEATURED: Dr. Cogburn's TEDxRVA Talk - highlighting how racism is a rooted cause of the racial inequality in healthcare through virtual reality. 



Speaker Event on July 10th, 11 AM - 12PM PDT. Come check it out!

Frank wilderson.jpg

Frank Wilderson is a professor at the University of California, Irvine and teaches African American Studies and Drama. He is an American writer, filmmaker, dramatist, and critic, who has a BA in philosophy & government; a Masters in Fine Arts; and a PhD in Film Studies & Rhetoric. Many of his works center around Black slavery and Red genocide. Frank’s research delves in the areas of Film theory, Marxism, Black Political Theory, Dramaturgy, and Culture studies.

FEATURED: Some of his works;

Incognegro: a Memoir of Exile and Apartheid


"Red, White & Black: Cinema and the Structure of US Antagonisms " featured in Duke University Press, 2010

"Grammar and Ghosts: The Performative Limits of African Freedom"

An interview, "We're Trying to Destory the World" with Frank Wilderson; 


Saturday July 18th 


How can you help the BLM movement beyond just posting on social media?


In this discussion we will be analyzing school responses to protests & how schools can do more for BIPOC

July club meetings

Wednesday July 22nd - 6 PM PT

Sunday July 26th - 11 AM PT

More information can be found HERE

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